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    Climbing Wall FAQ’s

    Climbing Wall FAQ’s


    What is bouldering?

    What is belaying?

    What is top rope climbing?

    What is auto-belaying?

    What are private lessons?

    Getting prepared to come climb at Maggie Daley Park

    What do I need to wear?

    What can I bring with me as I climb?

    What do I need to bring?

    How long does someone normally climb or boulder?

    Can I climb or boulder by myself?

    How does the liability waiver work?

    How do I handle my kids who are coming to climb without me?

    How old do you have to be to climb and/or boulder?

    How do I start climbing?

    What is the process to start climbing?

    How does the process differ if I have my own equipment?

    Maggie Daley Park climbing staff will need to inspect your harness to make sure it meets our safety standards.


    Where am I allowed to climb?

    How long can I go for?

    What are the prices?

    Are there any other restrictions on who can climb or boulder?

    What happens if the weather is bad? Will I get my money back if the wall has to be closed?


    What equipment do I need for bouldering?

    What equipment do I need for top rope climbing?

    What happens if I don’t return the equipment or I return it damaged?

    How do you clean the helmets and shoes?

    Can I bring my own equipment?

    Why do I need to wear a helmet?

    Questions about Certification

    How long does it take to get certified?

    Why do I need to get certified?

    I’m certified at my local climbing place, can I just use that?

    How long is the belay certification good for?

    Questions for Groups

    We’re excited to help you plan your next group event! For groups of more than nine people, call us at 312.552.3000 or email climb@MaggieDaleyPark.com